Friday, May 3, 2013

Pretty Postage Samples

Would you believe I've got the "crud" again?  Really, I've had enough of this.
From Millan.Net

So since I'm really wanting to be upstairs relaxing on the couch, I'm just going to throw a few samples at you and head off to that goal.  These cards all feature the Pretty Postage stamp set.  Such an adorable little stamp set, soon to head off into retirement.

I should be ecstatic - my preorder of new catalog items came today.  Normally when the UPS guy gets here, I'm like this...From Millan.Net

But today I could barely muster a  From Millan.Net  Guess maybe I should head off to bed instead of the couch.

I'll be back soon - hopefully feeling better by then!  Until next time...
Jayne Stenstrom 
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