Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decor Element

Hey, remember me?? I'm baaaack. (Well, at least for a little while.) If you recall, I have been having MAJOR computer problems. Jerry has me back up and running on my "old" computer and is rebuilding his old computer for me. He said I will have a "super computer" when he's done! Hey, all I care about is that it turns on and I can get my work done! Smiley from

But enough about that. Remember when I shared with you my Thanksgiving Decor Element? I promised that I had a Christmas one to show you and here it is! Ta-da!

This was totally CASE-d from one I saw on Patty Bennett's blog. It uses the Vintage ornaments Decor Elements and the Jingle All the Way Decor Element. They are applied to the front of the glass and then some Christmas DSP was put inside the frame to give it a pretty backing. This was one of the Christmas papers from last year and is retired. A couple of small ribbon bows are attached to the front of the glass with glue dots. It's so pretty - and it hangs right where the Thanksgiving one was, so I just take that one down and put this one up!

I am going to try to pre-schedule some postings for my blog in case my computer goes down, but I am also going to have shoulder surgery next week (the 16th) and will probably be out of it for at least a week or so. (I'm just a wee bit nervous about this surgery - and the recovery time.) Smiley from So please accept my apologies in advance for the sporadic postings. Hopefully when January comes around I will be back up and around and able to post more regularly.


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