Saturday, October 13, 2012

A little Potpourri for You and Me

I thought I would show you a potpourri of Halloween card samples today.  Did you like my rhyming title?
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And for your literary edification, here is the "official" definition of potpourri (just so you know that this post fits this word definition).  


[poh-poo-ree, poh-poo-ree]

1.  a mixture of dried petals of roses or other flowers with spices, kept in a jar for their fragrance.
2.  a musical medley.  (I didn't know this one!) Smiley from
3.  a collection of miscellaneous literary extracts.
4.  any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.
So as it relates to this post, definition #4 would be most appropriate.  Don't you feel smarter now?
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Anyway, these cards are some that I either received in a swap or saw at a friend's house.  If I know the creator, I've put the name below the picture.  If you're the creator of one of these and I don't have your name listed, please let me know so I can give you proper credit!

 Lorien Clark - Googly Ghouls, Googlies (eyes), Spider Web TIEF
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  Cindy Westerink - Googly Ghouls, Wicked Cool, Googlies (eyes), Spider Web TIEF
(This card has a unique opening - the belly band comes off and the gray flap on the right flips open.)
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 Frightening Feline, Lacy Brocade TIEF
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  Judy Haney - Mixed Medley, Howlstooch & Scaringbone DSP
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 Lou Ann Cruttenden - Bootiful Occasions, Howlstooch & Scaringbone DSP
 (The main image is on a "spring" so it shakes to go along with the saying under the boot.)
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 Sara Bolz - Frightening Feline, Googly Ghouls, Howlstooch & Scaringbone DSP, Basic Black 1/2" Striped Satin Ribbon*  
(*Only available in the Holiday Catalog)
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Don't I have a lot of talented friends? 

Also, I've just listed the main items used on each card.  If you have any specific questions about anything else that was used, just let me know!

Until next time...
 Jayne Stenstrom 
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