Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loads of Valentine Cards

 From Millan.Net
Are you in a bind for a Valentine's Day card and are fresh out of ideas?  Well, have no fear - I have come to the rescue!  I have a plethora of Valentine's cards to show you today - fresh from the boards at Leadership last month.  So pull out your stamps, paper, and inks and let's get busy stamping!

 This card has such a great Victorian look to it, doesn't it?

 I just love the "bling factor" on this card!

 Who wouldn't love to get a card with this simple saying?

 Mix unusual colors and textures for an eye-catching Valentine!
 From Millan.Net

Classic red, pink, and white with lots of hearts.

 What about a card that is heart-shaped with intertwined hearts?
 From Millan.Net

 Another beautiful Victorian-looking card using soft colors like Pretty in Pink and Crumb Cake.

 Express your love with flowers - hand stamped or real!
 From Millan.Net

A simple expression for the day with just a little bling here and there.

If you give your sweetheart a card like one of these, I'm sure the response will be
From Millan.Net

Of course, you know my favorite way to celebrate Valentine's Day, or ANY holiday, is with CHOCOLATE!
From Millan.Net

But however you spend the way, just know that I'm thinking of you and saying...
From Millan.Net

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