Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally - New Catalog and Pre-order have arrived!!!

Hurrah! What a great day! I had a couple of friends over to stamp today (Pam and Judy - hey girls!), and we had just gotten downstairs into my stamp room when Jerry brought in my boxes from the UPS man! He came early today - usually they don't get here until about 5:00 or after! So we had to take a few minutes and look through the new catalog, being sure to keep the drool off of the pages. Just wait until you see all the new.... oops... I can't tell you anything yet, can I? Now if you want to actually SEE the new catalog, you'll have to come on by and look at it with me. For one thing, it's not leaving the clutches of my hands for awhile, and the other is that Stampin' Up! has told us to not post any pictures of the new catalog or products before July 1st. Now, when I get those stamps and accessories ready and make some samples - THOSE I can show you! But not tonight. I had a long day of stamping with my friends and eating M&M's (hey, it's a rough life, but somebody's got to do it!). Plus Judy made this amazing chocolate/peanut butter/graham cracker crust/Cool Whip dessert that we had to eat. Yum! But now I have to pay my penance for playing all day and I have to get my medical transcription work done. I really want to sit down and just look through that new catalog again, but duty calls...


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