Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ice Storm Aftermath

I'm back home! We have power, and heat, and electricity, and INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! Woo-hoo!Smiley from

I wanted to try to show you some of what we've been experiencing this week. This first picture is taken in our back yard. The pine trees are covered with at least 1/2" of ice and many of the branches are either broken off, or bent over with so much weight that they are dragging on the ground. Normally we have about 3 to 4 feet under the trees with no branches.Then we got some snow in addition to the ice. Here's a close up that Jerry took outside his mom's place. We stayed with her because our power was out for about three days and it got COLD in our house! Plus without power we have no running water here either. It felt sooo good to get a hot shower at Mom's place and sleep in a warm bed. Smiley from

When we got home, I took a few more pictures of the tree damage. I guess it might be hard to appreciate if you don't know what the trees look like normally, but those open-looking spots in the top are usually very full looking. Any branches lying on the ground aren't usually there - they're usually up in the trees.

Close-up of some of the downed branches.
This picture shows the beauty that comes even with the destructive power of ice. My friend Becky K. took this picture. It's really hard to capture how the ice looks covering the trees, but when the sun comes out, it really does look like a fairyland. Thanks for letting me share this picture, Becky!
All-in-all though, we survived with only the damage to the pine trees, and while it was inconvenient to be without power for those days, we weren't in any life-threatening danger. My brother-in-law works as a lineman for the power company, and I know that he's been extremely busy this whole week working to get everyone's power back on. (Better him than me!) Thanks, Dave, for all your hard work - we really appreciate it!

So until next time, may your power keep running and your storms be few!Smiley from


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