Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Hop Stamping Spaces

I'm very excited about this month's SU Stars blog hop showcasing Stamping Spaces!  Whether you have an entire room or just a box stuffed under your bed (which would indicate that you're just starting out - I remember when my stamping stuff would fit in just one box!), I'm sure you've already gotten some great ideas from the previous blogs in the hop.  Plus isn't it fun to "sneak a peek" in someone else's house? 
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You should have arrived here from Eileen LeFevre's blog Stampin Fever.  If you are just starting on my blog, you can go all the way around and see everyone's posts from here, or you can always go to the beginning at the SU Rocks home page if you get lost.

Now, on to my stamping space.  I am very blessed to have an entire room that was built and designed just for my stamping.  My hubby has built three houses for us, so he's pretty handy (and when I say "built", I mean he framed the houses, ran all the electrical, did the plumbing, etc., etc.).  So I was able to tell him what I wanted in a stamping room.  It's located in our basement, but I have a large window, so I don't feel like I'm in a dungeon.

Here's a look at what people see when they walk down the stairs.  My stamping room is off to the left and the family room (or stamping class room) is on the right.
I have a welcome sign on my door...
And this is what you see when you walk in the door.
Then going counter-clockwise around the room, this is the next view.
And one more turn.  You can see the door I entered in on the left in this picture.  By the way, that yellow M&M that looks like he's floating in the middle of the ceiling is actually attached to the pull cord for my ceiling fan.  (It gets hot when I'm stamping sometimes!)
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As you can see, everything is nice and neat.  I like having my supplies handy, but mostly out of sight.  Believe it or not, this is usually how my room looks.  I think I was born to organize.  I really enjoy doing it.  In fact, sometimes I re-organize what I've already organized!  You don't think that's weird, do you?
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I do like to have some creative things around me to inspire me and brighten things up, however.  This is right above my stamping "desk".  Most are things that I've made or gifts I've gotten from Convention or incentive trips.  I also keep some stamps and other items from the most recent mini catalog (and Sale-a-bration right now) right above my desk so they are handy to grab.

I purchased this shelf to use in my kitchen, but then I re-purposed it for my stamp room.  It's a great place to display some more recent creations or some of my favorite ones.

Now on to how I store and organize some of my things.  Most of my punches are stored in a couple of drawers.  Most of them are the "old style" punches, so this works well for me.

But this little wire shelf is for some of the new style punches.  I keep the newer punches and unique shaped punches on here.

My Big Shot and Bigz and Original Dies sit out on my counter top.  I use my Big Shot a LOT.  The larger dies like the Bigz XL are stored in the cabinet above.  (Did you notice the M&M lights under my counter top? That's my "mood lighting".  HA!)

I keep my 8-1/2" x 11" paper in hanging file folders in the four-drawer file cabinet to the left of my stamping desk.  Of course they are in their appropriate color families and then filed alphabetically within each color family.
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My 12" x 12" paper is kept in this storage unit so it will stay flat.  Since I don't have enough of the storage boxes for each individual color, I have them grouped by "reds", "blues", "greens", etc.  On top is a plastic milk crate where I keep all of my current Designer Series Papers.  I keep each "set" of paper in individual craft keepers.
My ribbon is on this unit that I've had for years.  If I remember correctly, about 10 years ago or so a group of Boy Scouts had built some of these as a fund raiser and my upline had them available at a meeting if we were interested.  I snatched one up right away and have used it faithfully since.  It was even designed so that the bottom dowel has more room between the bottom and the next one up for our larger spools of ribbon!
So that's pretty much how my stamping space looks.  I have actually spilled over from this room into a few closets... you know, things just tend to accumulate - even when you're organized!  So I hope you've enjoyed this little "sneak peek" into my house.  It's been fun showing you around!

Wait - what's that?  You say that I've forgotten to show you the most important storage idea?  

What could that be?

Oh, you want to see where I keep my stamps, do you?  Well, okay, but just because you asked so nicely.  
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Remember when I showed you the first picture looking into my room?  I didn't show you the closet that is immediately to the right.  That's where I keep my stamps stored.  On their sides.  In alphabetical order.  And I occasionally rearrange the shelves to see if I can get some more room.  Anyway, here's a peek at some of them.  And no, I don't know how many sets I have.  Let's just say a lot.  But they're a business expense!
So now you've seen it all!  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions on anything.  If you do want me to get back to you, leave a comment below and please include your e-mail address.  Otherwise I can't get back in touch with you.

Now you'll want to head on over to the next stop in the blog at Charlotte Hollingsworth's Stamping is my Therapy.  Which reminds me, I saw this adorable notepad the other day and just had to get it.  It's so true!
Until next time...

 Jayne Stenstrom


  1. Just lovely. I love an organized woman. LOL Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

  2. This is just spectacular. I would love for you to come over and help me organize. It seems I get organized then get a lot more stuff and can't figure out where to put it. Thanks for the great ideas.

    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe's mommy (the swap eating dog)

  3. Great room, Jayne! We should do an actual tour of everyone's stamp rooms. We'll all come play at Carey's, then Jayne's, then...

  4. I AGREE Shari! I'm up for a road trip!

  5. This blog hop is so much fun! I have really enjoyed checking out "where" everyone works!

  6. Love your room Jayne! What are you using to store you Big Shot dies in? I couldn't tell.


  7. I think your space it great! What a fun place to play!

  8. Inkedx2 - those are storage "towers" that I purchased from if you need more information, I think I have the actual item bookmarked, so I could send you the link. E-mail me at

  9. I love your stamp room and all the built in cabinets and shelves. I desparately need to organize my room! I have been looking for something like the little wire shelf you have your new style punches in, where did you get it? It is perfect, I think I need 3! My email is I really need to know!

  10. I absolutely love your craft room. I need one like that. I've commandeered an unused bedroom; it's the smallest one in the house and oddly shaped. Every spare bit of space is in use but sure could use better organization.
    I also love your creations, they are very beautiful.