Thursday, July 21, 2011

Convention Roommate Gifts from Me

Every year when I attend Convention, I exchange "roommate gifts" with the girls that share the hotel room with me. I always try to give some items that are useful at Convention (tissues, gum, bag tag, etc.) and I also like to make something - usually some type of album or book. Smiley from It's so much fun to package up these gifts for my friends!

This year I roomed with Sara, Diane, and Judy. (Hi girls!) Smiley from

This is what Sara's gift looked like all bundled up. On the right hand side under the "Journal" is her mini album that I made. I used the Beyond the Garden DSP for her album.
And here is Judy's gift before I packed it in these adorable little boxes I found. Included is a mini sewing kit, a "book" of sticky notes with their initial on it, two packs of gum, a journal to take notes in, some hand sanitizer, a bag tag with their initial, a mini packet of tissues, and an Envelope Mini Album that I made. (I know, I know, I tend to get a little carried away... but it's so much fun to come up with things that we might need or want while we're there. Plus it's fun to shop for gifts!) Smiley from
Here is the front of Judy's book. I used the Pocketful of Posies DSP for her album.
Here is the book opened. There are five business-sized envelopes folded in half and attached together to create the inside of the album. All of the little circles with ribbon attached are a piece of cardstock that can be pulled out so you can add pictures or journaling to it.
This is the "back side" of the book. There are more pages with inserts. Do you see the front of the book on the right hand side of this picture?This is the front of Diane's book. I used the Paisley Petals DSP for her album.
I found the instructions on how to make these albums at Following the Paper Trail's blog at
There is also a video at but it takes a long time to view the whole thing.

I didn't have time to finish my album before I left for Convention but I have everything cut out and ready to go. I just need a little time to work on it. I'm going to use the Flirtatious Specialty DSP for my album.

So if you were a member of my group and attended Convention with me, you would be able to get some cool roommate gifts like these. And this is just the fun between the roommates! You haven't even begun to see all the cool things that we get from Stampin' Up! If you contact me and join Stampin' Up! before July 31st this year (remember there is the $99 special!), I will even make you one of these mini albums and send it to you right away! You don't even have to wait for Convention to get one! So give me a call or send me an e-mail and let's get together to chat. Smiley from

I'll be back soon to post the gifts that I received from my Convention roommates! Until then...

Jayne Stenstrom


  1. wow-very cool gifts! i loved looking at all the photos from convention-you USA girls have such an awesome time!

  2. You forgot to mention the ear plugs lol Didn't have to use them this year because we had them :)