Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gorgeous flowers - on a garden hat?

Stampin' Up!'s Convention is always filled with so many creative ideas - from the people in the home office to the other demonstrators you meet. On opening night before Convention "officially" started, we had a kick off party. This year's Convention theme was "GROW", so one of the challenges was to make a garden hat and/or wear a gardening outfit. It was fun to see how creative many of the demonstrators were with making garden hats and costumes. Smiley from

I was heading towards the door to meet up with my roommates when I walked past this table with a lady sitting there. She had made this AMAZING hat and I just had to stop and get pictures! These flowers are not "real" - they're all hand made. But it's hard to tell because the quality is so good - they look real. I almost wanted to bend down and smell them!
I sat and chatted with her for awhile and I know that I wrote down her blog, but do you think I can find it right now? So if you are the creator of this beautiful hat, let me know so I can give you credit - or when I find the information (because I KNOW I have it someplace), I will add it to this post.
EDITED ON 09/22/11 TO ADD: The creator of this hat saw my blog and let me know the address to her blog. If you want to check it out go to I'm heading there now to check it out myself!

This hat looked beautiful from every angle. She had so many gorgeous flowers just spreading out all over this hat. Smiley from
Here is a close-up of some of the flowers and strawberries she had on her hat. Everything you see was made with cardstock. Amazing, huh? Smiley from

Here is a picture of the whole hat.And another close-up of some of her flowers. Check out the purple hydrangea. The detail on that flower alone was beyond amazing!
And this is what she had on the top of it all - an adorable little bird house with a little cardinal getting ready to fly inside!The night was full of activities and events for everyone: beach volleyball, picnic tables, photo booths with dress-up clothes, demonstrator presentations, music, games, a pie-eating contest, and of course prize patrol. It was a fun way to start off a wonderful Convention! And that was just the beginning! Hope you've enjoyed this little peak of how my Convention started off - I'll be back to share more soon!

Until then...

Jayne Stenstrom


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