Saturday, June 18, 2011

And the winner is....

The winner for the Flag Day Giveaway is #17 - Rufus!
Rufus said... Best Blogger Tips

I love word and sentiment stamps, too! The freedom that I'm most thankful for is freedom of speech. I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to be born an American, even with all our problems I love my country.

I wish that I could have sent a gift to all of you. It's obvious we all share the same sentiments about our country. We have truly been blessed to live in a country such as ours. Smiley from

Rufus your e-mail wasn't written in your comment, so if you would please contact me at and give me your address, I will send out your prize to you on Monday!

Again, thank you ALL for your comments! And may God continue to bless America!


  1. Oh my heaven's knock me over with a feather!!! I can't believe it, that's ME! Off to send you an email. Thank you soooo much!