Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simple Friendship and Friends 24-7 (and Webster)

I need to start doubling up on the samples I'm showing you - there's only one week left in June until these stamp sets are gone forever!! I have so many beautiful cards to show you - and not much time!

These first cards are from the stamp set Friends 24-7. This stamp set contains six images and retails for $25.95. Item number is 113218.

Here are all the images in this set:

These cards showcase the Simple Friendship stamp set. This is a set of 7 stamps for $25.95. Item number 113397.

Here are the images in the Simple Friendship stamp set:
And I had to share with you some pictures of my stamping "assistant". This is Webster and he quite frequently comes into my stamp room to supervise. He just jumps up on the counter and plops down wherever he wants. Here he is lying on my paper cutter!And if you can tell from his expression - he's NOT moving. But he is such a fuzzy, sweet kitty, how could I deny him his comfort? Smiley from
Until next time...

Jayne Stenstrom


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